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Website refresh and LeadGen Strategy

Carrier-1 is Dallas' leading privately owned data center, serving Fortune 500 companies with data colocation, as well as off-site office space to be used during company emergencies and natural disasters. Button worked with Carrier-1 to develop a digital strategy to boost client inquiries and quote requests, their leading indicator of business growth.

Breaking it down

After talking with Carrier-1, we determined that the most meaningful business result of a digital refresh would be a measurable increase in RFQ's (requests for quote).

The original Carrier-1 website failed to display well on mobile devices. The request for quote tool, while thoroughly designed, failed to display well. Further, the website wasn't optimized to direct the user to the quote request form throughout the design, with multiple CTA's (calls to action).

Execute the basics, well

Every Button site follows the basic foundations of conversion-focused design. The Golden Rules of Conversion include:

  • Text size should be 16px or larger.
  • CTA's should be repeated throughout the site's pages
  • The site should load in well under 1000ms
  • Any lead capture forms should be broken into steps to reduce the perceived effort to engage
  • Tap-targets on mobile viewports should be sufficiently large

The Solution

Our solution involved a full website redesign.

Design and collaboration was done in Figma, and implementation/development was done using Webflow.

We built a custom javascript form, turning it from a one-page form into an inviting, multi-step quote request form.

The website is now fully mobile-responsive, and loads in under 1000ms.

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